Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pampering is soooo much fun

Ok, time for a quick my sister's-in-law all took me into the city for a day of pampering.....I'll be honest, I was not looking forward to it at all. But now that it's come and gone I'm really glad that I went. I had THE best message known to man....a hot stone message, I think they called it. Spent the WHOLE day being lazy and having other people wait on me and enjoyed every second of it!

Well off to RUIN my manicure.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

My best friend Cash...

It's not been a good week for Cash at all. His girlfriend, who I like to refer to as a no-good-white trash-ho, dumped him for a guy who could easily be her father. That is soooo creepy on so many levels I won't even go into it. He got kicked by one of my horses, while putting a set of new shoes on her. Then his truck was stolen and when it was found after he had reported it stolen, whoever took it wrapped it around a tree, completely totalling it. This is one of those weeks where it would the perfect excuse to get really drunk, but that's not Cash at ALL. I really don't know how he's holding himself together right now?!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My sister's in law are trying to break me....

I'm so NOT very good at being "one of the girls" I'm more comfortable being "one of the guys" because I've had to be "one of the guys" my whole life. Well my sister's in law are trying to break me of my being "one of the guys" habit. They have brow beat me into going into the city for a day of pampering at the local day spa. I wonder how much "torture" I'm going to endure tomorrow?

Dad is spending a large chunk of the day in the city at his architure/contracting firm hammering out the details of a pretty large project that he has coming up. Naturally, he needed to put someone in charge of "running" the ranch while he's gone and today is my lucky day! I get to be the "Grand Poohba!" Yeah me! Happy dance all around!

Mom has spent the better part of the day in the kitchen baking up a storm. I can hardly wait to try some of her creations. Gonna have to get sneaky about it though. Mom says they're "not for you" and sends us all packing. Wonder who or what all those tasty looking morsals are for?

My best friend Cash is coming over later this afternoon to help me shoe some of my horses. I don't know what it is about Cash that calms the horse's down but whatever it is I want some of it for myself. Cash is literally the only person Libby will let mess with her hooves without hurting him....If anyone else were to try and mess around with her hooves they'd be in a world of hurt by the end of the whole process.

My cousin Gabe is here helping J-Rod and Adam string fence today. So far it's been an "extra special" experience all around. Who in their right mind just reaches out and grabs an electric fence like that? Especially if you don't know if it's actually on or not? He must like taking one for the team or something cause that's just crazy!

I've decided that I need to get out on my own. Live in my own place, make my own rules, be my own person, so on and so forth. Day after tomorrow I'm going to start looking for my own place. I'm super excite about the prospect of being on my own. Everybody else is doing it why can't/shouldn't I?

Well, must go finish my lunch and get back to supervising the "crew" or nothing will get done around here today. Until later.....


I can't sleep...

I should be dead dog tired right now but I'm not. In fact I can't get my mind to stop racing. Today was not the best day in the whole wide world but wasn't exactly the worst either. My brothers and I worked some new cattle the my father purchased to "beef up" our growing herd. The only bad thing that really happened was I got run over and stomped on trying to get the last one into the squeeze chute. It really looked worse than it actually was, which was confirmed with a trip to the emergency room "just to be sure."

Mom and Dad are finally home from their "no kids allowed" trip to Brazil. From everything that we've heard about the country via e-mail and a few telephone conversations, it sounds like a really beautiful place. I'm glad to have them home....It's been kinda lonely being the ONLY girl around here. At least when mom's around not everyone is ganging up on me.

Rhino and Alex spent the day doing their best to tick me off. I'm not sure that it intentional on their part but in my mind it was. Especially, after being stomped and run over. Every little thing they do seems to put me over the edge. I just can't explain it. I just want to be left alone and they keep pushing. I just want to scream!

Well I'm going to sign off for tonight. I'm hoping that sleep will show up soon, cause I really could use some. We've got another busy day tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm an Addison! Not a JD....

I was born Addison Lynn, but because all the men folk in my family seem to have a complex and have refused to call me by my given name pretty much from infancy, I've been "JD" since I can remember. Now I know you must be wondering were they got JD from, see my brother's and I have two last names. One begins with a "J" and the other with a "D," so that is where my nickname JD comes from.

As I've said before I have seven brothers.....Ryan (Rhino), Gage, Chase, Adam, Jarrod (J-Rod), Ben, and my twin brother Alex. All of which are either married or are getting married. I also have a boat load of cousins as well, but there are really too many of them to even try and name them here. Seriously, I could go on and on and on about them and you'd get really bored really fast.

My twin brother Alex and I are about to turn 24 in December. I'm about 5'10" tall and weigh in at about 130 pounds. I have gorgeous (at least that's what my parents tell me anyway) green eyes and long "mousy" brown stick straight hair. I love to watch pretty much any kind of sporting event that may be on when we're not out working cattle (which is pretty often so I don't get to see many sporting events unless I Tivo them). I drive around in a great big Jet Black Ford Superduty pickup truck that I absolutely LOVE. I live on our families ranch in Texas, which is one of my most favorite places on earth but it does have it's downsides also, which will become very obvious very shortly.

I hope that you enjoyed my rather short introduction about myself. I could go on and on about myself but I'd bore you and I don't really want to do that right off the bat.

Much love.....


I was born and raised in the Boondocks....

Hi! I'm JD. I started this blog to journal about my life as the only daughter of a Texas cattle rancher. Oh, and not only am I the only daughter of said cattle rancher, I have 7 brothers as well. But seriously, the icing on the cake is that I am the ONLY female offspring on both sides of my family. Everyone says that this is a blessing....I on the other hand do not see it that way....I see it as almost a curse!

I'd like to tell you that my life is easy as pie being the only girl in all this testosterone but it's not. I've had to toughen up just to "fit in." I "fit in" so well now with my brothers and cousins that I'm more comfortable around persons of the male persuasion than I am around those of the female persuasion.

Well I have to go for now....So much to and so little time to get it done in. Later when I have more time away from all the chaos that comes with working cattle I'll tell you all a little bit more about myself. I promise.

Until later......